Thursday, 24 January 2013

Clipper Premium Wordpress Theme

Clipper Premium Wordpress Theme is a rich features template for coupon management wordpress site. Clipper is built to create way for coupon collections since it has becoming a most popular online business these days that everybody can connect to. This theme supports multi-languages, clipper has advanced features which never seen this type of Wordpress coupons theme. This clipper theme has a coupons store which allows you to add coupons, title, description, url and thumbnail automatically no manually, this main feature has attracted me. Ans it has a advertising system also to earn additional income.

Clipper Wordpress Theme

Best Clipper Wordpress Theme Features :

  • Custom Write Panel
  • Advanced Link Cloaking & Tracking
  • Color Schemes & Layouts
  • Dedicated Store & Category Pages
  • Submit Coupon Form
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Advertising Support
  • Coupon Stores
  • Customer Coupon Management
  • Advertising Support
  • Statistical System
  • Importing Tool
  • Report a Problem System
  • Subscribe to Coupons via Email
  • Advanced Security
  • Tight WordPress Integration
  • Child Theme Support
  • Mobile Device Support

This clipper theme has lot of additional Plugins and Child Themes. The cost is $99 for standard edition and $159 for Developer edition.

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Monday, 21 January 2013

JobRoller Premium WordPress Theme

JobRoller Premium Wordpress Theme is the most popular and advanced rich features template for wordpress jobs website. JobRoller theme customized by appthemes, they are mainly targeted on this theme for giving lot of features to their clients. You can turn your site into most popular and best jobs site with this template.

JobRoller Wordpress Theme

It provides a separate platform for job seekers and employers and they can manage their data from their own profile. In the homepage it displays featured and latest jobs for better experience. An advanced search bar is provided so you can filter jobs by type and location, along with an option button is provided that you can filter to specify distance of job locality. jQuery and AJAX features are combined with this jobroller template helps your website to load faster for better experience and save bandwidth.

Jobroller supports a Resume (CV) catalog, Job Listing Management and Transaction Logging Tools realized all with custom post types and taxonomies. This template comes with extensive theme options to modify every feature of your job board site different color schemes and a multiple language support.

It has thousands of customers and a community; you can trust that JobRoller is here to stay. And see the below all features of jobroller.

JobRoller Wordpress Theme Features:

  • Featured Listing Pricing
  • Charge for Job Listings
  • Resume (CV) Database
  • Job Seekers & Employers
  • Transaction Logging
  • Auto Resized Images
  • AJAX & jQuery Features
  • Apply for Job Form
  • Job Listing Submission Wizard
  • Automatic Job Pruning
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Search Custom Fields
  • AJAX Field Auto-Complete
  • jQuery Lazy Loader
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • User Dashboard
  • Sales & Jobs Chart Widget
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Tight WordPress Integration
  • Child Theme Support
  • PayPal Gateway

JobRoller theme has lot of additional Child Themes and Plugins. The cost is $99 for standard edition and $159 for Developer edition.

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Monday, 7 January 2013

Classipress Premium Wordpress Theme

Classipress is the most popular classified ads theme for wordpress developers. There are some other wordpress classified theme have running in the market, but any of these have not many features like classipress. This theme has developed by Appthemes and it has a dedicated support, active community to their clients. It has built with rich features for easy user navigation and tight integration.

Classipress Wordpress Theme

Best Classipress Classifieds Theme Features :

  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • Featured Listing Pricing
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Custom Paymeny Gateways
  • Fully Customizable Front Page
  • Multiple Pricing Models
  • Auto-Complete and Suggest Search
  • Custom Fields and Forms
  • Membership Packs
  • Social Networks Login
  • Facebook Friends Widget
  • Advanced Search
  • Coupon Module
  • Customer Ad Management
  • Ad Listing Visitor Stats
  • Twitter Real-Time Widget
  • Category & Sitewide RSS Feeds
  • Search Custom Fields

This template has lot of additional Plugins and Child Themes. The cost is $99 for standard edition and $159 for Developer edition.

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